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うわ!2007年以来くらいに何も書かなかったんだかなぁ... ダメだよ。

えーと、今日は春学期のクラスを登録しましたわよ! \^0^/ 

あとは、テクストブックを買わなきゃ!たけぇ!$300 (2万7千円くらい)以上を使わないよ!

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わかって わかって


じつは あたしのライフなんてつまらなくなってきたぁぁ xD;;;

それから なにも書きたくない。

でもこれを読めるなら 友達になりたくて日本語を話し合いたい!!


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優しさ KID

優しさ ハイセンス
優しさ ノーセンス
優しさ ナンセンス
優しさ ライセンス 振りまいて。。。
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D'espairsRay is coming out with a new album =O!!!

It's called "Mirror"

I'm way too excited ><;;;
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(no subject)

Okay I haven't updated in a long in a long time... Cause I'm lame, and nothing goes on in my life LOL
Well lets see, not that any of this is important, but what HAS happened.....

1) I moved
2) I got a new car
3) I'm starting college soon >m<
4) I want to die

well that last one isn't true... but, sometimes I wish I could move MUCH farther away from everyone lol


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Went to Virginia

Went to the virgin state yesterday to visit my family, first time I've seen then in a long time!!!

We chilled and made fun of movies and ordered pizza and chicken lol

The Pizza Hut in Virginia is soooooooooooooo weird!

The Family Feast only gives you two medium pizzas instead of larges!! wtf!!??? how can that feed a family!? LOL

Then my aunt showed us pictures of how she killed a poisonous snake in her back yard, talk about bravery, I would have just sat there and cried lol j/k

Anyway, it was tres cool and I'd love to go back again =D
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The Storm is Over

Picture of the day, Aoi from Gazette >

A friend of mine was going through a bitter break up with her former boyfriend of a year and a month, and it is FINALLY over... I am proud of her for standing up for herself  *shiawase* is acting real funny lately, it skips alot for a while and then it clears up, anyone w/ the same radio player experience the same thing??? lol

Uh, I ordered The Ultimate Drum & Bass Album from England!  I can't wait till it arrives >,< <--- (到着まで待てないわよ)  It's 6 CD's compiled together and I got it for a real good price, about $19 (tha'ts w/ ship and handle too)  I'm really loving British prices for everything!  I wonder if they have Japanese music for that little as well!!!  I saw a CD for as low as 0.89 pounds!  Of course their currency is much stronger than ours!  5000 pounds is something like $8,726.... or something, un-friggin-believable!  I'm getting a summer job there and then come back and buy a car or something LOL!!!
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Are you feeling Közi?

KöziI'm really in love w/  Közi's eyes, and he's obsessed w/ eyes so no wonder their so pretty lol... Oh maaaaaaaaan, I so have to get ready for prom, I don't even have a dress yet; mainly because I wasn't planning on attending.  However, @ the request of the many I am loved by, I think I might go if I can afford to =(  My folks are paying for the dress but I have to pay for everything else, which isn't too bad.

Senior Week is this June after Graduation!  Everyone's going down to Ocean City for the week and doing whatever.  I'm suppose to be going with my friends as well, but If  I have to house-sit for my dad that week, I might not be able to make it =(   Das ist nicht gut lol
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Senior Skip Day

Today's Senior Skip Day and I feel like I'm the only fool who participated... ALL my friends are @ school, but I wanted to be the bad-ass that skipped today lol. Eh, a old buddy of mine from another school is skipping with me today, so it's all good =D Vamos a ir al cine! <--- I think??? LOL Spanish is gettin' a bit rusty there lol.
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